printed artworks

Life and Printmaking Art

My way to a printed artwork

The starting point for my printmaking works are pictures from several sources, that appeal to me because they are reflecting the spirit of the times or contemporary history by their subject matter or aesthetic appearance. Sometimes I am using additional quotations from art history. The material which I need as a basis for my work should have the worth of a symbol of the spirit of a period in history or now. This meaning can be visible at first glance or as an effect of a collective subconscious.

I resample this picture-material to a new composition and alienate them with a lot of etching methods, sometimes in combination with block printing (woodcut). I like any kind of experimentation, if I can create a new visual shapes with them. When I begin I often do not know what the final print will look like; I find it challenging to solve problems as I go along. I like working like this way because it forces me to focus on what I most want to express. The first goal for me is a printmaking artwork which is showing my individual view of live and history and can give the observer a strong aesthetic impression.

The procedures in printmaking art