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advice on the participation at the printmaking art biennial varna

International Print Biennial Varna / Bulgaria

At August 11th 2017 the 19th International Print Biennial in Varna / Bulgaria were opened, which has been held since 1981. Until end of September the works of the biennial are exhibited in the City Art Gallery Boris Georgiev.
I am glad to take part in this event as one of three German participants.

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the etching Stillort the etching shells
The selected prints "Stillort (Quiet Place)" and "shells".

advice on an exhibition in preparation

Der Tage Überfluß (the Days of Plenty)...

... is the title of my next exhibition at gallery Borssenanger in Chemnitz. From October 6th until November 3rd 2017 I will show there current artworks of painting and printmaking art.

The website of the galleryfurther information (in German)

view on my last exhibition at gallery Borssenanger in 2014
view on my last exhibition at gallery Borssenanger in 2014.

advice on a recent event

"Marktplatz Druckgrafik"
(market place for printmaking art)
at the book fair in Leipzig

"Marktplatz Druckgrafik" is a special exhibition space within the area "buch + art" on the book fair where traditionally housed stands from artists, artistic or bibliophile publishers, galleries, universities and schools of arts plus stands of museums and institutions related to printmaking and bookbinding.
After I took part the first time in 2014 I were back again in this year with my own stand.
My self published artist books and single works of printmaking art has found a lot of interested visitors.

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My stand on Marktplatz Druckgrafik at the Leipzig book fair 2017
My stand on "Marktplatz Druckgrafik" at the Leipzig book fair 2017.

advice for the upcoming participation in a printmaking art fair

30th Dutch-German Printmaking Fair Borken

Since thirty years friends of printmaking art from Germany and Netherlands meet each other in the first weekend of March in Borken, the town in the heart of West Münsterland. Than the "Borkener Vennehof" is transformed into a fair where printmaking artists are showing their new prints in etching, woodcut, silkscreen, lithography, photography, linocuts as well as artist books etc.
On the occasion of the jubilee, the organizers decided to issue a special edition. 15 artists from Germany and the Netherlands were invited to submit a printmaking artwork; I am proud to be selected for this edition. The prints were showeded in an little exhibition and a catalog with them were published. I took part again at the printmaking fair with a stand and look forward to meeting with visitors and colleagues.

Date: 03. – 05. March 2017, Town hall Vennehof in Borken

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The etching print Luna Park
My print for the special edition: the etching print "Luna Park".

advice on my participation in 2016

In this year I took part again in, the art fair for artist books and printmaking art in Berlin.
It was a great time in a warm atmosphere and I met there wonderful collegues and lot of interested visitors.

learn more: advice 2016

participation in an international symposium

5th International Latgale Graphic Symposium
in Daugavpils / Latvia

From 17 till 28 of October at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center has taken place 5th International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium. The International jury for participation chosed 11 participants from 9 countries: Mishe (Republic of Macedonia), Laura Manfredi (Italy), Vaida Varnagiene (Lithuania), Agnieszka Zawadzka (Poland), Robert Rabiej (Poland), Miroslav Mandic (Serbia), Jürgen Höritzsch (Germany), Taida Jesarevic Hefford (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Inga Heamagi (Estonia), Irene Podgornik Badia (Italy) and the artist Anastasia Dubovska in symposium represents Latvia.
The exhibition with the results of the Symposium is open till 14th of November.

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Logo des 5th International Latgale Graphic Symposium

advice of a recently showed exhibition

1. International Printmaking Art Biennial Łódż 2016

In Łódż / Poland took place the 1st International Printmaking Art Biennial. The aim of this Print Biennial is to create an exhibition presenting overall condition of the contemporary graphic art which would give artist from around the world an opportunity to confront their creative attitudes.
The selected works were showed from September 9th until September 19th 2016
I took part with an etching.

Website Lodzprints: advice

etching: Power Station
"Power Station", 2015, etching learn more

Studio: Gewerbepark Wirkbau Chemnitz
Annaberger Straße 73, 09111 Chemnitz, Germany

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Globus Galerie
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