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no Prisoners

From November 25th 2018 until January 15th 2019 the gallery "" is showing an exhibition with the title "no prisoners".
Six artists will show their works to this subject. I am one of them and some etching prints will be my part.

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invitation to the exhibition no Prisoners

advice on participation at an exhibition

Leipziger Grafikboerse: Paradox

Leipziger Grafikboerse is an artist-founded exhibition project for printmaking art which is taking place as a biennial. The participants are from Leipzig and a wider sourrounding, for example from Chemnitz like me.
The edition in this year will be held under the title "Paradox". I am represented with two prints, one of them you see at the right side.
The exhibition will be shown at several places, the first on is the museum of printing art in Leipzig.

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Lady Double and Three Hares, 2018, vernis mou, reservage, aquatint,

"Damendoppel mit Hasendreier" (Lady Double and Three Hares) , 2018, Vernis Mou (soft ground etching)

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International Artistic Symposium
in Tarnobrzeg / Polen

I were invited to participate at the 4th Marian Ruzamski International Artistic Symposium in Tarnobrzeg / Poland which took place at History Museum of the town from August 16th until August 25th 2018.
I had have an interesting time there fulfilled with artistic work and exciting encounters.

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Blick auf das Historische Museum Tarnobrzeg (Polen) Doppelte Mission, Malerei Hengstleuchten, Malerei

This two paintings I have made in the symposium.
They are exhibited in the show of the participants.

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The contest exhibition of the biennale have shown 448 art works by 227 artists from 50 countries.
The aim was to start an new international dialogue between artists, professionals and a large audience fascinated by printmaking and its techniques and the latest international trends.
I was represented there with three etching prints.

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Logo of the First International Print Biennale Yerevan 2017

Studio: Gewerbepark Wirkbau Chemnitz
Annaberger Straße 73, 09111 Chemnitz, Germany

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