a selection of my printmaking works

a selection of my printmaking works

God is Leaving
Madonnas on Uncertain Ground
Family Outing
Maria at the Breeder
Trinity Moment

Here I want show you a selection of my original hand-pulled prints. The most of them are made in intaglio technique, but there are also some relief prints in woodcut technique. All artworks are printed on a roll press in single mode.

For the realisation of my prints I prefer the intaglio printmaking technique, usually in the combination of several etching methods and occasionally with woodcut technique.

The printing plates are made mostly at first as photogravure, the further work is manually and in the traditional chemical way.
I have developed this old craft for my own artistic style and I had found additional features for aesthetic and expression. The goal is everytime a strong expression of the printmaking artwork.

There are single prints available from the most editions. Please don′t hesitate to asking me about price information and how to purchasing them.
A further opportunity is to use the service of Saatchi online, a worldwide operating art dealer.
You can find my portfolio here.

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The Little Savior
No Mans Land
Bad Boy Show
Chambre of Poetrists

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