The artistbook NYX, poems and etchings about the night

The artistbook NYX, poems and etchings about the night

The artists book NYX is the result of an artistic collaboration over a period of two years time.
Starting with the idea of creating an artists´ book together, graphic artist Juergen Hoeritzsch from Chemnitz and poet Eva Wal from Bonn exchanged drafts, ideas, poetry and visual concepts, until they found a common theme: NYX, greek: "night", representing the impenetrable, the chaotic, the depth and darkness of their own thoughts, psyche, experience and insight. NYX, in greek mythology one of the first goddesses to be born from chaos, can be associated but is not an allegory the artists deal with specifically.

The book, which was presented for the first time at the Leipzig book fair 2011, contains nine colour etchings by Juergen Hoeritzsch corresponding with nine poems by Eva Wal. The relation of pictures and words is triggered by their different visions and means of expression, suspenseful, heterogeneous, yet creating a common atmosphere, together on opposite pages in the same book.

The handwritten poems by Eva Wal are made into etchings by Juergen Hoeritzsch, who has also done the design, printing and binding of the whole book.
NYX appears in an edition of 30, of which each copy contains nine poems and nine colour etchings as original graphic, completely handmade by Juergen Hoeritzsch.

zur Ansicht des Buches als Flash - Filmflash-movie which gives a view in the book
The layout was designed for a better viewing compared with the original slightly changed!


  • Format: 25 x 30,5 cm
  • The etchings were monochrome printed from copper plates.
  • The poems were printed by the same method like an etching.
  • Paper: copper printing carton 300 g / sqm (Hahnemuehl)
  • The pages are not numbered.
  • The book is covered by transparent protective paper (110 gsm)
  • Binding: hardcover, in front is assembled a title picture, printed as an two-color etching.
  • Sewing through the fold

The book is available for sale from the following art dealers:

etching: Schneevogel zwischenraum etching: Der Mond zwischenraum etching: Geister mit Pelzhandschuhen zwischenraum etching: Totenfest zwischenraum etching: Alles zwischenraum etching: Wolfsnacht zwischenraum etching: Schrei zwischenraum etching: Asphalt und Nacht zwischenraum etching: Atemsturz