Printmaking Art

Relief Printing

The term relief printing is used for all printing techniques in which the images is printed from a bas-relief. Usually all shapes will removed from the printing plate, which shall not appears on the print. The shapes for printing forms a flat over the surface level.

Before start of the printing process the raised areas were inking up by using of a roll. Afterwards the plate will covered with a sheet of printing paper.

During the paper is pulled on the printing plate, the ink will transfer on it from the inked areas. The printing process can be executed in different ways: by using of a printing press or by rubbing on the backside of the paper with help of a plane, rounded tool.

It is possible also to print on other flexible material than paper (for example on textiles) from which further possibilities for artistic expression can be result.

The most well-known techniques of relief printing are woodcut engraving and lino cut.